Motor Authority recently reviewed the BMW X1 and came away quite pleased with the small crossover and its offerings.

They had this to say about the first front-wheel-drive BMW, “it’s incredibly well laid-out and space-efficient; it rides quietly and comfortably; it makes advances toward unpaved terrain in a way the X1 never did before; and its handling is tidy.”

They also loved the steering, calling it “superb” and felt it tracking was on-target in a variety of driving conditions including the highway and tight alleys.  The 228HP /258Lbs ft. of torque gave them strong passing power and a 0-60 time of just shy of 6 seconds.

They loved the luxury and the performance it offers. “The X1 is more docile, comfortable, and quiet than that, and while it’s a disconnect from the past, the reality check is that it will sell far better than the old X1.”