Looking for the perfect sports activity vehicle for living in Boca Raton? The BMW X5 is the ideal vehicle to transport you and your family.

Most important, at least as far as your kids will be concerned, it is a spacious and comfortable vehicle, especially for rear passengers. The rear seats offer 2.5″ more legroom than the competing Lexus GX 460 and a pair of available LCD screens for rear passengers. Both features make short or long rides more comfortable for everyone in the car.

If you and your family fancy the river rafting and tubing that Boca Raton is famous for, the BMW X5 is ideal for transporting your personal kayaks or tubes to your waterway of choice. The 22.9 cubic feet of standard luggage room blows away the competition, with its pitiful 11.6 cubic feet of luggage room. Even when you clear out the back seats and maximize storage capacity, the BMW X5 still offers an extra 1.5 cubic feet. And in case your water gear is particularly heavy, the BMW X5 sports a potential maximum payload of almost 2,000 lbs, roughly 700 lbs higher than a Lexus GX 460.

Of course, with all this payload, you might think the BMW X5 falls short on fuel mileage. In fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Available with both a V8 standard fuel engine or a V6 diesel, the BMW X5 surpasses the competition in fuel mileage in either configuration, offering an impressive 24 mpg city with the diesel engine. This is perfect when you want to spend a day exploring the museums in downtown, like the Boca Raton Museum of Art, Children’s Science Explorium, and the Wick Theatre & Costume Museum.

This fuel efficiency will definitely serve you well when you decide to make a day trip to Cape Coral, as will the 8 speed automatic transmission. Compared to the 7 speed transmission of the Mercedes GL Class and the 6 speed transmission of the Lexus GX 460, you will experience smoother acceleration after stopping for a bite to eat or when you are slowed by traffic lights.

The BMW X5 offers your that perfect mix at a price that is between $10,000 and $50,000 lower than the competing Mercedes GL Class.

Between the various beaches, water sport activities, museums, spas, fine dining, and excellent shopping, Boca Raton is filled with activities for the whole family. To best enjoy it, you want a vehicle that has the perfect mix of interior comfort, cargo space, style, fuel efficiency, and power. The BMW X5 offers your that perfect mix at a price that is between $10,000 and $50,000 lower than the competing Mercedes GL Class.