BMW shoppers know to trust that the car company delivers luxury as well as practicality, and the BMW X4 delivers something special. It fits well with the fact that luxury car shoppers in Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and Pompano Beach, FL want a car that is going to empower them to drive in style while having fun on the road.

The BMW X4 has a powerful, six-cylinder, intercooled turbo engine that makes it a pleasure to drive. With its automatic transmission and all-wheel drive, it’s a dynamic car. Although other luxury SUVs like the Mercedes GLA Class have limited cargo space, BMW provides plenty of room for storing luggage and just everyday things like groceries or sports equipment for your kids. Fort Lauderdale car shoppers are sure to appreciate its roominess when packing things for a day at the beach.

The BMW X4 has better gas mileage than Lexus SUVs. For example, the Lexus RX 350 gets an average of 21 miles per gallon while the BMW X4 gets 24 miles per gallon. In fact, when it comes to highway gas mileage, the BMW X4 gets as much as 28 miles per gallon.

Unlike the Mercedes GLA Class, the BMW X4 also has privacy glass, so Boca BMW shoppers can feel more comfortable cruising and driving without worrying about onlookers. It also offers power windows and rear defrost for safely navigating the utility vehicle when the temperatures are up and down.

Car shoppers will be interested to know that, while the Mercedes GLA Class comes with a sun and moon roof as an optional feature, that luxury comes standard with the BMW X4. A universal garage door opener comes standard with BMW as well, while it is only optional with the Mercedes GLA Class.

For those who have the need for speed, the BMW X4 is especially appealing.

It can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in only 6 seconds, which is a faster speed than he Lexus RX 350. The BMW X4 also has a top speed of 130 miles per hour, which trumps the 112 miles per hour top speed of the Lexus RX 350.

Finally, when luxury car shoppers in Delray Beach and the surrounding areas are trying to choose the vehicle that offers amazing features and the ultimate in comfort, the BMW X4 is a strong contender. With its sharp, powerful steering, dynamic engine, and well-appointed interior, the BMW X4 stands out as a leading luxury car in all the right ways.