To BMW shoppers, the BMW 5 series is ideal for enjoying the long and winding Florida coastline roads. But how does the BMW 5 series stand up to other luxury vehicles such as the Lexus GS 350 and the Mercedes E class? A direct comparison shows why Delray Beach BMW shoppers tend to be more satisfied with their luxury cars that other luxury car buyers.

Luxury car shoppers in Delray Beach, Florida have very precise ideas of what they want out of their luxury vehicles. While value is important, style and handling also play a large role in helping car shoppers to make up their minds.


The engineers at BMW consistently design vehicles that are lightweight and low to the road. The BMW 5 series uses direct gas injection and a lighter curb weight to deliver a level of performance that Lexus and Mercedes cannot touch. The BMW’s double-wishbone front suspension helps the car to grip the road, and gives the driver more control.


The BMW 5 series is a true sedan, which means that it offers premium comfort for the driver and passengers. The front head and shoulder room in the BMW 5 series is more generous than the Lexus or Mercedes, which means that the BMW can offer a lot more comfort to its five passengers than the other two models. The BMW 5 also creates a quieter interior driving environment than either the Lexus or Mercedes models can deliver.


For years, BMW engineering has been hailed as creating the safest vehicles on the road. When it comes to overall safety, the BMW 5 series rates higher than the Lexus GS 350 and the Mercedes E class. The BMW 5 series excels in areas such as side impact protection, rollover safety and front passenger safety. When Delray Beach luxury car buyers want the safest luxury vehicle on the road, they always choose the BMW 5 series.

The BMW 5 series is comparable in price and fuel efficiency with the Lexus GS 350 and Mercedes E class. But when you really put these three vehicles side-by-side, you will see that the BMW 5 series excels in all of the features that are important to luxury car buyers. For the ultimate in a safe and powerful luxury driving experience, Delray Beach luxury car buyers need to invest in the BMW 5 series.