Broward and Palm Beach counties are all about the fast and the fabulous, whether you’re jetting up I-95 between Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton or commuting from Delray Beach to Pompano. When the weather is beautiful all year round and you’re living in paradise, don’t you deserve a car that is as amazing as your lifestyle?

A luxury car will make sure you fit right at home in South Florida, boasting all of the features and flair you’ve been looking for. But what car is the right choice? Are you a fan of the sleek, flashy Mercedes Benz C-Class coupe, or do you prefer the understated elegance of an Audi? Could you be content with a Lexus RC 350, or are you one of the millions of American drivers who are only happy when they’re behind the wheel of a BMW 2 Series?

Unparalleled High-Powered Performance

When you want a car that can drive you wherever you need to be while making sure you look good on your way, the BMW 2 Series offers everything you need. Luxury car shoppers in Fort Lauderdale, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, and Pompano Beach can get their fill of strength, speed, and agility with the 2 Series’ powerful engine and 4.6 second 0 to 60 time. Complete with absolutely precise steering control and agility, the BMW is a pleasure to drive from start to finish. Boasting better fuel economy than both the Mercedes Benz C-Class coupe and the Lexus RC 350, you can ride in style while still being kind to the environment.

Attractive and Stylish

When you’re looking for a car that’s packed full of desirable features that can make driving fun, you want what the BMW 2 Series has to offer. Delray Beach BMW shoppers can enjoy an interior console full of everything necessary for an enjoyable drive, including a large navigational screen, steering wheel controls, and CD and MP3 inputs. Interested in safety? You’ll love all of the protective features included in the BMW 2 Series, including a rearview camera and parking assist, making this luxury car perfect for a solo drive or a trip with the whole family.

As one of the best loved cars in the U.S., the BMW 2 Series offers all of the luxury you’ve been craving in a chic, high end body that leaves the Mercedes Benz C Class coupe or Lexus RC 350 in the dust. Aerodynamic, gorgeous, and a favorite of both drivers and critics alike, there are few vehicles that can match what the BMW 2 Series has to offer