Chris Evans, BBC radio personality and replacement for Top Gear’s host Jeremy Clark recently published a written review for the BMW M2 in the Daily Mail. Evans is a self-proclaimed, devout Mercedes gearhead, so the BMW M2 had an uphill battle to win. His loyalty to Mercedes was so great, he fretted over his own ability to deliver an objective review of the BMW M2.

It turns out his concerns were unfounded. One ride in BMW’s latest Ultimate Driving Machine was enough to make him a true convert. In the review, he mentions that as host of Top Gear, one of the best perks is the opportunity to drive the world’s greatest cars.
What does he have to say about the BMW M2 in comparison to those many road legends?

“I have recently had the good fortune to drive the McLaren 675 LT, the Ferrari 488 and the Lamborghini Huracan. All of which cost more than four times the price of this car. And all of which are indeed technically far superior, but how much fun can you legally have on the highways of planet Earth? No more than this little cracker has to offer.”

“The BMW M2 isn’t about raw performance numbers or lap times or even how it looks on a spec sheet. The M2 is about being fun and pretty much nothing else. It wants to give its driver a Joker-like grin, without having to carve into their face, obviously. And in that respect, Evans holds the M2 in high regard. “I haven’t come across anything that comes close to this twitchy bundle of dynamite when it comes to the gratuitous burning of rubber.”

“Lightning quick, thanks to a spectacular transmission system and perfectly balanced at full tilt, it sounds amazing – especially in Sport Plus.” Evans continues.

It seems BMW didn’t simply create a model that pleases its established fan base, but one that can win over just about anyone with its rewarding performance.