Philip K Dick would be alarmed. Everyone else is excited! BMW is hiring experts in artificial intelligence and machine-learning protocols. They plan to make BMW’s Vision Next 100, a current BMW mobility concept vehicle, a flagship production model due for launch in 2021.

The high-speed advances being made in technology are opening the doors to new opportunities in artificial intelligence and machines that truly learn.

“Until very recently our competitors were Mercedes, Audi and Porsche,” Krueger said. “Now we are looking at newcomers such as Tesla or Faraday Future — who knew these companies 10 years ago? — and of course high tech players like Google, Apple, Baidu or Alibaba.” “It shows how our industry is changing,” says BMW CEO Harald Krueger.

With this tech, marvels like automated driving and vehicles that can register and respond to your commands and emotions will be developed and expanded – a true form of “personality” that learns you as you learn it.

“The companion in the Vision Next 100 car is just that: a real companion that gets to know you as a person and responds to you as an individual,” Krueger says. “I firmly believe this is not a threat to us, it’s much more a huge opportunity to all of us — mobility become more versatile. It will be effortless, available on demand and tailor-made for all our customers’ individual needs.”