AutoWeek recently reviewed the BMW 340i and were delighted by the newest addition to the 3 Series lineup.  The all-new trim/model boasts an entirely new engine aided by the traditional TwinPower twin-scroll turbo.  It delivers 320HP and 330lbs-ft of torque and is paired with an eight-speed Steptronic automatic trannie.

AutoWeek admired the copious amounts of power and the athletic nature of the all-new BMW 340i.  “All it takes is a gentle prod from the right foot, and the speedo starts displaying serious figures with the exhaust barely raising its voice”, says the AW journalists.

They like the seemingly perfect balance of “road communication” and drive comfort – the 340i still allows a good feel from the road, but doesn’t transfer any of the harshness.

“Lest you think that the 3-Series has become lost among an ever-increasing range of cars from Munich,” says AutoWeek, “The 340i has been designed by lab coat-wearing German engineers to be the most 3-Series money can buy without going for the M3. It’s a beefier version of the outgoing 335i, and with a choice of rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, and with a no-cost manual transmission available, the 340i makes a great case for itself even on paper.”

AutoWeek concludes the review with this telling statement:

“The question isn’t whether you want it, it’s which color you want.”